Bathroom Parassite

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Bathroom Parassite depicts three theriomorphic beings typical of Karin Andersen’s imagination, who use the bathroom fixtures of the Jorn House Museum as if they were three headdresses. The Print refers to the symbiotic relationship established between the Danish artist Asger Jorn and the place where the Museum is located.

The gallery of forged creatures with a lucid and visionary gaze by Karin Andersen is not so much an exhibition of diversity as an interaction with otherness, one state of becoming in which each of us finds ourselves daily, soft and yielding, even if only for an instant, in spite of himself recognizing himself.


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The Author Karin Andersen

My work has always been concerned with questions regarding ecology, according to its original meaning as the science about the relationships of different species or organisms with each other and with their natural or artificial environments. Above all, my intention is to question the anthropocentric philosophy that has shaped a big part of human behaviour towards the rest of the biosphere, to inquire the traditional definition of nature as a notion opposed to culture, as well as mankind’s...

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