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30.04.2022 | 21.05.2022

About the exhibition

Traffic Gallery is happy to host in its spaces inside the Project Room NERO PERTURBANTE, solo exhibition of the duo ORTICANOODLES, which for the occasion presents a series of Collages Pezzi Unici, where the photos of the Street Murals blend with Iconic Ancient Effigies.


The artistic collective Orticanoodles has been carrying out for several years a research related to the deconstruction of images and their recomposition in drawings, where the subjects multiply interacting with each other. The juxtaposition between the vertical portions, in which the image is divided, represents a real dialogue between the subjects. The images flow rhythmically, acquiring new meanings and giving voice to new narrations. Orticanoodles gives life to a multi-voice dialogue, a polyphony of figures, colors and faces.


Orticanoodles, a fluid artistic collective, was born in the early 2000s in Milan within a historical and particular neighborhood from which they took their name: Quartiere Ortica (East Milan). In recent years, thanks to a valuable network of neighbors, headed by the Association Or.Me, the collective has created the first permanent open-air museum in Milan, accessible to all and free, where through multiple murals tells the story of the 900 and the neighborhood itself.


The Collages Works on black background are a tribute to the art of the Renaissance, with its faces and poses, and to the Borgo Dipinto dell’Ortica, with its colors and history. In these new works, an interest in the fragmentation of images and the history of the Portrait is evident.


Through paper, Orticanoodles creates juxtapositions of figures in which the murals painted over the years in the Ortica district are intertwined with famous portraits of the past, taking on the appearance of ladies and knights, saints and soldiers. Once again past and present intertwine, through the ironic reworking of presences that characterize the territory.


The technique used and the aesthetic result obtained almost seem to embody the disturbance generated by a situation perceived as familiar and alien at the same time: Das Unheimliche. The black, used as the background of the works, refers us to a concept, changeable and elusive, but which nevertheless remains, it is obscure and homogeneous, deep and symbolic. A perturbing blackness more and more present in contemporary media landscapes, since, overcoming the sense of memento mori, it accompanies our daily life assuming different meanings.


The works are freely inspired by the estetica del malessere and in particular by the themes addressed in the book of the same name by Claudia Attimonelli.


In this regard we remember the presentation of Estetica del Malessere. Il nero, il punk, il teschio nei paesaggi mediatici contemporanei (DeriveApprodi 2020) at the presence of the author at the Libreria Incrocio Quarenghi of Bergamo that will take place Friday, April 29, 2022 at 6:30 pm (Libreria Incrocio Quarenghi, Via Quarenghi 32, Bergamo).


ORTICANOODLES, Nero # 133 D, Paper Collage, 54x40cm
ORTICANOODLES, Nero # 133 D, Paper Collage, 54x40cm Download Press Kit
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