Rethinking the Real

The work of Virginia Zanetti tries to identify and break down this boundary, using simple and mostly acquired devices. The conceptual shift is obtained at the most basic and archetypal level of knowledge, in the relational dynamics or within the shared codes of a community. This makes her works an integral part of the environment in which they are conceived: collectors of human dynamics, rather than mere objects of contemplation.
With the project The eyes of the world  (an installative intervention focused on the image of the circle, also at the heart of works like The choice of the time or Infinite), the work of art opens itself to the history of a territory (the Lucan village of Latronico): the twelve circular mirrors set in streets, squares or between the fallow vegetation, become the basis for an “energetical cartography” of the area, fueled by the dreams and memories of those who live there. This worldview implies a deep faith in the possibilities of the human being, which, far from any theology, adopt the critical potential of religious sensitivity, as a stimulus for a continuous rethinking of reality.
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