Cabina per Anima

Traffic Gallery is happy to host in its spaces Cabina per Anima, a solo exhibition by San Marino painter of Spanish origin JUAN CARLOS CECI (Saragozza 1967). The solo exhibition was conceived by the Artist Juan Carlos Ceci and the Poetess Franca Mancinelli as composed of three sections forming a single cycle of works: La Piega, Cabina per Anima and Cantano le Pareti. Three chapters realized between 2022 and 2023 that will occupy all three exhibition rooms of the Gallery, paintings that during the opening will be “lit” by poetic recitations specially conceived by the well-known Poetess Franca Mancinelli. As Juan Carlos himself explains “In the exhibition there will be two truths, that of painting and that of poetry, from the union of these two truths a lie is born. ” They are lies (or truths) delicate and skilfully layered those that appear on the canvas and to our eyes. The intimist figure, using a palette of light and muted tones, gives us dreamlike visions immersed in fog. The objects depicted often blur together and are identified in different, sometimes interchangeable forms.

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