Muliere’s oil paintings on enameled background are like the intertwining of writings and overwrites, archetypal signs and pictograms generated by a free and spontaneous body dance. A physical contact with matter is functional to add or subtract signs on the canvas, enhancing a narrative structure at times dreamlike and poetic. Music, which is fundamental for the artist’s creative process, becomes rhythm and then mental environment, space of inspiration and restitution of a tale that is expressed by mysterious and sensual hints

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Artist BIO

Elisa Muliere (Tortona, 1981) is a trans-disciplinary visual artist based in Bologna. Her creativity takes form in works on canvas and on paper as well as other forms of research, such as installations, sculptures, videos and editorial projects. Bodily energy, responsiveness and immediacy are at the center of her works aimed at revealing the non – linear nature of human thought.

Her practice is marked by different phases, where a first act, deeply instinctive and spontaneous, is followed by moments of reorganization and finalization of the work, looking for correspondences or contrasts between signs, structures and materials. Her work bases its language on an intimate and personal symbolism, in which individual specific meanings are related with one another in order to create an imaginative and fantastic narration and to give shape to an architecture of universal evasion.

Since 2011 she has taken part in numerous solo and collective exhibitions; here works have been shown in Italy, Germany, Portugal, Czech Republic, Switzerland and Belgium