Nature as Art

In the climate change era the environment needs new symbols to withstand. We are in the century of the environmental crisis and my artwork is affected by it. My research is focused on the relation between humans and nature and between the built environment and the natural landscape.
“Man is nature becoming conscious of itself ” (Elisée Reclus).
Since 2000 I’m constantly researching pushed by curiosity, finding connections between art and science, symbolism and environmental sustainability, anatomy and urbanism, bodies and cities, ecology and social justice, emotion and actions. I believe that multidisciplinary researches are needed. I support the idea that individual and collective freedom of thinking is a primary value. The objective of my research is to produce new visions, symbols and formulas, to make the invisible visible, showing the beauty of the hidden natural process as a contemporary alchemist that learns from the past.
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Artist BIO

Andrea Conte, stage name Andreco, was born in Rome in 1978 but he grew up in Bologna and New York. There isn’t just a method “I don’t follow a specific scheme for my work” but the artwork production process is mostly site specific and influenced by the contest, the people that I meet and the environment. The artwork can be related to searching materials and natural elements, observing transformations and simplifying ideas in shapes. Some times I’m looking for a delicate balance, others times for a heavy impact. A common operation in my work is to transpose natural elements from the landscape to the built environment, changing the point of view, the perception and the conventional meaning of the objects, with the clear statement : Nature as Art.

Andreco’s whole artistic production is the product of an interdisciplinary knowledge gathering, in his art works, notions of geology, architecture and environmental engineering, natural sciences, geography, morphology and urban sociology. The artist is manly interested in the relationship between the urban space and the natural landscape and in the relationship between man and nature in all its declinations. Andreco has also been able to live for seven consecutive months in a wood in Wales, inside a small wooden hut, far away from today’s human life comfort.