Print on Paper Hand Marked (Blue) – Traffic Gallery 2021

Giulia Dall’Olio

Print on Paper Hand Marked


Ed. 1 of 5 (different sign for each one – blue)



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about the

At a thematic and conceptual level, the research of Giulia Dall’Olio should not be perceived as a work of environmental criticism, her vision places at the center a strong, harmonious Nature, able to overcome the disturbance of human presence over time. The gestures that the painter makes on the canvases and the cards once finished do not indicate and do not accuse the human being, but they capture a possible and changeable between the parties.


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The Author Giulia Dall'olio

Ségnica stands as a gradual step of an artistic journey officially started in 2008, a journey of immersion and removal that the artist do during the realization of each single work, painting, drawing, charcoal, pastel. The central theme is the eternal relationship Men-Nature developed in the early stages of artistic and gestural composition with a realistic and imitative approach, where the hand of the painter focuses on a return linked to the visual beauty of the plant world. A first phase...

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