Ségnica stands as a gradual step of an artistic journey officially started in 2008, a journey of immersion and removal that the artist do during the realization of each single work, painting, drawing, charcoal, pastel. The central theme is the eternal relationship Men-Nature developed in the early stages of artistic and gestural composition with a realistic and imitative approach, where the hand of the painter focuses on a return linked to the visual beauty of the plant world.
A first phase where the artist makes use of a very high gestural technical ability guided and influenced by an imaginary that finds it finds its references between the parietal decorative painting born in Bologna in the late XVIII century. We are talking about Vincenzo Martinelli, Antonio Basoli, Giacomo Savini and Rodolfo Fantuzzi who created many examples of what are called stanze alla boschereccia, rooms of completely painted bourgeois mansions and villas creating an illusionistic effect plein air where the landscape is expanded to the extreme up to the size of the room, an almost pre-Romantic tradition.
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