Past Summer Show : CORPICRUDI + MUSTAFA SABBAGH  15-05  / 30-08  -  2015   

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Traffic Gallery is a place of support and promotion of the knowledge of the art of our time, specialized in multimedial art, digital, photography, video, urban and street-art.

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Traffic Gallery - Via S. Tomaso 92  24121 Bergamo T +39 035 0602882 -

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ARTE FIERA 2015 - Traffic Gallery Booth | click here
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ORTICANOODLES for ENI | click here
CORPICRUDI at ARTE FIERA 2014 - Bologna | click here
Traffic Gallery is glad to announce the Third movement in Blackscale , double solo show of Corpicrudi and Mustafa Sabbagh. After returning from the important american experience in Los Angeles  for Corpicrudi  and from the Masterclass  at the Maxxi  in Rome for Mustafa Sabbagh , the artists will perform in the spaces of Traffic Gallery in a comparison-meeting that focuses on using photographic, installative, performative and musical of the concept of Nero , true common denominator between the works of the artists. It is a symbolic journey between past and present, where sculpture, photography, music and performance develop the perennial conflict between transience and immortality, debate full of quotes, conscious or unconscious, according to the personal styles that characterize the poetic of the artists.
COSIMO TERLIZZI Last Solo Show 2014-2015 @ Traffic Gallery | click here
KARIN ANDERSEN at ARTE FIERA 2013 - Bologna | click here

a tri-personal exhibition by artists 

ANDRECO               (Rome, 1978)
ERON                     (Rimini, 1973) 
LUCAMALEONTE       (Rome, 1983)

14 MAY - 14 JULY 2016
ACQUISIZIONI 2015 - SABBAGH nella collezione di BolognaFiere tramite Traffic Gallery
Youth for Elder - group show at Traffic Gallery - 12 March / 9 May 2015
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Traffic Gallery at Arte Fiera Bologna 2016
Pav. 25 | Booth B63

29-01 / 01-02 2016